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Building Designs

Building Designs: Where They Get Started

As you start thinking about customizing, changing, or building a new property, you may wonder what the first steps in the process really are. What do you need to do to make your ideas come to life or how can you transform this space into one that is a better fit for your goals? Our team at Pinnacledb provides building designs. That means we work to take information that is already present as well as information from you on your needs to create plans.

Consider Building Planners As Problem Solvers

When it comes to building designs, there are many things to take into consideration. It is very common, for example, to the initial building designs to be presented to a city council or to an inspector and for problems to come up. Or, there may be concerns as the project gets underway after new information is found. The key here is that as building planners, our goal is to find a way to create what you need around what limitations may be present. That is a component of the work we do and it can be incredibly important to the overall success of the problem.

What Is As Built Planning?

One of the terms you may hear in architecture is as built planning. An as built plan is a document that outlines the very specific details of the project as it is. For example, if we plan to build a structure or add on to a space, we need very specific and precise information. While the building designs from the time when the building was originally built may not be available or they may have changed over time, as built planning provides very specific information based on what is really happening.

As built planning uses survey data, most of which is done digitally, to get very specific information like this. It uses things like positions and the levels of physical features to create this. This is often necessary and required by planners for the community or even by homeowners associations. It tends to be very important in commercial projects as well.

We Can Make the Process Easier to Manage

When you work with our building planners, we can work with you to ensure the goals of the project are completely understood. We can also help you to get information about what you can expect every step of the way. No matter which phase you are in of the process right now, reach out to Pinnacledb. Let our professionals offer insight and information to you that can help you to move your project on and help you to achieve your specific goals and objectives for it.

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