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Architectural Design

From Architectural Design to Completion

Whether you plan to build a home or a new commercial space, details matter. You have an idea or a specific need. You need someone that can take that idea and bring it to life with exceptional results. Many times, when clients come to us to request help with their architectural design, it all starts with that idea. From there, though, we have to build it up, piece by piece to create the finished project you are looking for. That is never easy to do, but it can be very exciting. At Pinnacledb, we help you with the entire process.

Architectural Design Is Multifaceted

One of the most important things to know about architectural design is that it is not a single project or a single process. Rather, there are numerous components that come together to create the desired end result. Each layer of the process builds more sophistication and features into it, creating a space that truly works to achieve your goals, no matter what those are. Consider a few of the phases of the process we offer at Pinnacledb.

Starting with Architectural Visualization

You have an idea. We need to get a better level of insight into what that idea is. It’s more than just talking about size, color, and function. We need to understand what your vision is. That is done during the architectural visualization process. The goal of this process is to take information and data and create a new structure in some way that is easily digested.

Architectural visualization takes place long before the building process starts. It is a type of language created between a builder and a client, discussing the details of the project and creating a clear understanding of what the goals are, and capturing information about the details. This type of communication is critical in every situation.

Architectural Rendering Is Another Step

Once that communication is completed, the next step in the process is to create an architectural rendering. This is a drawing created based on information shared, but also on architectural solutions and skills. That is, we work to take data and information from the client and turn it into a workable space. Not all details are completed yet, and many times these renderings can change significantly from one phase of the project to the next.

CAD Architecture Creation

While a lot of the work in the architectural design process is still done using hand drawings and details, it is also necessary to create computerized images that can be manipulated in various ways to provide new insight and really ensure the ideas of the client can come to life. CAD architecture is the process of doing this. We use computer programs to achieve a new level of detail and to ensure each component of the process is fully understood. It is a combination of communication and using software that helps to create that three dimensional image that is so important for the process.

CAD architecture helps clients to also communicate their goals with other interested parties. That could be city council. It could be a lender. The goal is to help create a visually understood project.

Architectural Modeling Takes It to the Next Level

There are some projects that need to go even further. That is when architectural modeling comes into play. This is the process of taking those data points, figures, and details that we have already created and processed and making them come to life on a much smaller scale. Many projects do not need this amount of detail, but the more valuable, extensive, large, or even customized the structure is, the more valuable it can be to use architectural modeling.

There are many other components to the process of architectural design. From the foundation layout and orientation to the type of roofing for the best energy use reduction, every component of this building or project has to be considered carefully. That is what architectural visualization can do. It can help to ensure everyone is on the same page. It also facilitates a way to easily communicate changes, concerns, or additional needs.

When it comes to architectural rendering and modeling, our team at Pinnacledb can handle the entire process for you. We can answer your questions and provide you with insight into how to further improve those visions and goals. We encourage every one of our clients to invest in the level and type of architectural design and development that is right for their goals.

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